The 5 Most Common Basketball Injuries and How to Prevent them

People all over the U.S. and abroad enjoy watching a good game of basketball, especially during basketball season. For some, it does not matter if they watching a college game in the stands or the NBA playoffs on television. A good game of basketball is always exciting and a good way to pass the time by on the weekends. Though basketball is considered to be a fun active game, it is important to note that players injure themselves all of the time. This is one of the main reasons why players should always protective gear like a knee sleeves. By wearing special gear, players can avoid certain injuries.

With that being said, here are The 5 Most Common Basketball Injuries and How to Prevent Them.


1. Foot/Ankle Injuries

As previously stated, basketball is an exciting game that people like to watch in person and on television. However, as the games become more engaging and competitive, the potential for injury rises too. One, injury, in particular, is the foot/ankle injury since it is high on the list of the most commonly known and experienced. For instance, according to various sports reports, the foot/ankle injuries is reported as being the worst of all offenders. This is because these injuries can be caused by several different common activities during the game, including players being accidentally stepped on or someone being hit in the scramble trying to get the ball. In either case, these types of situations naturally lend itself to foot and ankle injuries.

Preventing these injuries is not always easy but there are some precautions that can be taken. To make sure a player is well prepared for these incidents, they should make sure that they are always wearing the appropriate gear. For instance, all athletes must wear good quality athletic shoes and an ankle brace to support, stabilize and protect it from injury.


2. Knee Injuries

Aside from foot/ankle injuries, players should also pay close attention to the possibilities of suffering from a knee injury too. During these types of sports players are often subject to damage caused by ACL tears from high impact activities. To prevent these type of injuries, players should always work to build and strengthen their muscles before the game. Also, as an added element of defense, players should wear the proper knee brace support before they hit the courts.

The 5 Most Common Basketball Injuries and How to Prevent them

3. Hip/Thigh Injuries

Sometimes people focus on knee and ankle injuries when they are preparing for the game. However, this focus should not eliminate the possibility of a hip or thigh injury occurring. In fact, players are often wide open for these kinds of injuries when they are jumping, rebounding, pivoting and jumping during these sports. Unfortunately, as the actions become more aggressive, the possibilities of a hip or thigh injury being experienced is higher. Since all of these activities place extra strain on the legs and the hips, the player can leave the court with bruises and hip strains from overextending their ligaments and their muscles. To minimize the possibilities of these injuries occurring, warming up for the game normally involves stretching out the hips and the thighs prior to leaving for the courts.


4. Head/Face Injuries

Though no one likes to be hit in the face, playing basketball increases the likelihood of these events occurring. In fact, players will eventually get hit in the face with the ball during all of the scramblings that occurs. Whether embarrassed on in a lot of pain, these injuries are considered to be imminent. More importantly, however, other than watching out, it is best to take these events seriously to ensure a hit in the head does not lead to a concussion.